What to Do If You Have to Evacuate Your Home

What to Do If You Have to Evacuate Your Home

Consider in advance what kinds of disasters might strike your area. Do you live in an earthquake zone? Is flooding a possibility? Then think about what you’ll do in an emergency.

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Health Highlights: Dec. 18, 2014
  • Former NFL Players' Lawsuit Over Painkillers Dismissed by Judge

  • No Evidence Paleo Diet Matches Early Human Eating Habits: Study

Many People Misuse Devices for Asthma, Allergic Reaction

Memory of correct way to use inhalers, epinephrine pens faded over time, researchers report

Sensitive Parenting May Boost Kids' Social Skills, School Performance

Researchers found the positive effect lingered into adulthood

Smog Exposure During Pregnancy Linked to Autism Risk

Expert notes, however, that potential threat is small

Health Tip of the Day

How to Outsmart Poison Ivy

These tips can help you avoid poison ivy:

  • Learn to spot poison ivy. Find a picture of it. It can grow as a low shrub or a vine. Its leaves can be clustered in groups of three to nine, and it may have yellow or green flowers.

  • Cover up. If you need to go into areas where poison ivy grows, wear long pants, long sleeves, gloves and boots.

  • Use self-care. If you come in contact with poison ivy, wash all exposed parts of your body with cold water immediately. Wash your clothes, too. If you get a rash, try not to scratch it. To ease discomfort, take cool showers.

  • If the rash is on your face, mouth, eyes or genitals, or if you develop a fever, headache, extreme redness, pus or other symptoms that worry you, call your health care provider.