Your Daily Treatment Plan

Your Daily Treatment Plan

Your health care team will work with you to design a daily treatment plan. The goal is to control your asthma and prevent symptoms. You'll learn how to tell when your asthma is getting out of control. More
A Workable Guide to Managing Asthma
Asthma Basics
Asthma is a disease that affects how you breathe. When you have asthma, it can be difficult to get air in and out of your lungs.
Controlling Asthma Triggers
Pollen, dust and smoke are common triggers for asthma. To control your asthma, must learn which triggers you are sensitive to.
Using Medication and Inhalers
Asthma medications fall into two main types: Those that provide quick relief and those that help with long-term control.
Managing Your Asthma
To keep your asthma under control, it's important to work with your health care provider to develop a daily treatment plan.
Asthma and Other Conditions
People with asthma are more likely to develop other health problems, including allergies, chronic cough and bronchitis.
Asthma and Your Child
No one knows exactly why some children get asthma. But asthma can be controlled, so your child can enjoy a happy, active life.
For Kids Only
You can learn how to help control your asthma. One way is to learn about the things that make you have flare-ups.
For Kids Only
If you're a kid with asthma, check out this site especially for you. Look for the skateboard detective. He pops up to give you tips about asthma and show you some cool things to do. Can you find him inside?