The Sprain Game

The Sprain Game

Regardless of their severity, ankle sprains should be treated with respect. More

The Medical Center Orthopaedics
The Medical Center provides a comprehensive, interdisciplinary program designed to care for patients who require orthopaedic surgery. The Medical Center offers a variety of treatment options ranging from total joint replacement surgery to physical therapy for patients who suffer from ailments and injuries of the bones and joints.

Your Guide to Healthy Bones & Joints
Basic Anatomy
Is the head bone connected to the neck bone? Or, is the metatarsal connected to the tarsal? Find out by "boning up" on your basic anatomy.
Broken Bones
Bones can break as a result of a fall, blow, or other trauma. Most breaks aren't life-threatening, but they all need treatment.
Osteoporosis thins and weakens bones to the point where they break easily. Chances are you know someone with osteoporosis; it affects millions.
Most people will develop osteoarthritis (a condition that causes joint pain and stiffness) at some point in their lives.
Joint Replacement
In joint replacement surgery, the diseased parts of the joint are removed and replaced with artificial parts.
Joint Arthroscopy
Arthroscopy, a diagnostic tool, can make it possible to return to many of the activities you enjoyed before your joint problems began.
Back and Spine
Prevent back pain by exercising regularly, maintaining a healthy weight and lifting properly.
Shoulders and Extremities
Do you put your shoulders to the grindstone or work your fingers to the bone? Do you know how to spot possible bone and joint problems?
Sports Injuries
Even if you're in good shape, an exercise-related injury can strike when you least expect it.
Injury Prevention at Work
Repeating a particular motion constantly, like using a computer mouse, can cause damage to tendons, muscles, and joints.
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